Wendy Wylde's
Miniatures, Magic and Music

Midnight is a magical time
A dollhouse is a magical place

Where they meet
Anything is possible....

Welcome to the Wylde Kingdom!


Doing business under the name Midnight in the Dollhouse, I create unique and fun dollhouse miniatures. They are all handmade in Littleton, Colorado. I specialize in unusual plants, tasty treats, and readable miniature books (because if you ever have a sudden shrinking accident, you are going to want reading material. Right?) 

My items are for sale exclusively through David's Dollhouse and can be found here - Midnight in David's Dollhouse

To read more about my miniature adventures, click here - 


I have loved magic for a very long time. I grew up on Doug Henning and David Copperfield TV specials and loved them all. 

Magic has come and gone in my life several times, but now that I have it back I will not let it go again. 

I used to perform professionally, and I will again. Just you wait and see. 

There's not much to see yet, but if you'd like to see more about my magic history (and meet my puppet, Sage, click here - 


I first met a Celtic Harp in the Autumn of 2001. It has been a love of mine ever since. I have played professionally, though now it's just a hobby. 

I'm always learning new songs, and might even post some here. You never know. 

I recorded a CD of harp music way back when too, and you can read more about my harp adventures, and hear my CD by clicking here - 

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