The Magic of Miniatures

There is something magical about a dollhouse...

Dollhouse Hallway Lit Up at Night 1:12 Scale Staircase

There is something compelling and magical about anything in miniature.  The craftsmanship that goes into making tiny things. The details and beauty. But there is something more, as well.

You cannot look into a dollhouse without wondering what it would be like to walk the tiny floors and look out the tiny windows: Miniatures have a sense of wonder and magic all to themselves. 

Midnight in the Dollhouse

Joseph Angel Dollhouse 1:12 Scale One Light On at Midnight

Midnight is a magical time
A dollhouse is a magical place
Where they meet
anything is possible...

and it's always midnight somewhere. 

Making Miniatures, Just in Case

Tiny Dollhouse 1:12 Scale Readable Books With a Quarter for Size Picture Books

When I was a very little Wendy, I read a book called "Among the Dolls" by William Sleator.

In it, a little girl gets a dollhouse for her birthday even though what she wanted was a ten speed. When she plays with the dollhouse she makes the dolls mean and angry with each other. One day, she finds herself tiny, and trapped in the dollhouse. She discovers that the couch is just a block of wood painted to look like a couch, and the beds are just pieces of wood with fabric glued to them. She can't get comfortable and she can't sleep.

When I started playing with miniatures as an adult, I had some quirky habits. All of my beds were soft with pillows and blankets. The couches were cozy with hand crocheted afghans on them.

It took years before I remembered that book I'd read and realized that was why! I was preparing for a sudden shrinking accident! 

All of the miniatures I make are created with this philosophy: what things would I want to have around me if I had a sudden shrinking accident? 

If that's how you play too, I may have just the things you need! :) 

Where to Find My Miniatures

Tiny Decorative 1:12 Scale Dollhouse Candle Holders in Many Colors on a Wooden Table

Midnight in the Dollhouse miniatures are sold exclusively through David's Dollhouse: an online only site working from Englewood Colorado.

Check out David's website for all of the Midnight in the Dollhouse products.  - Midnight in David's Dollhouse

Pictures of what I'm working on and from the shows I'm attending can be found on my Instagram - Midnight in the Dollhouse Instagram

Updates, and pictures can be found on our Facebook page too -  Midnight in the Dollhouse Facebook page  

Upcoming Shows

The Denver "Little Show"

Miniature dollhouse cupcakes on a green display 1:12 scale cakes and snacks.

February 16th, 2019

Jefferson County Fairgrounds
15200 West 6th Avenue
Golden, CO, 80401 

Info will be here -

Blogging At Midnight